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Staff 1-25 of 60
Name Title Department Email Telephone
Booker, Ralph Planning Consultant Plan Commission 574-780-0222
Carothers Milner, Shiloh Common Council - 3rd District Common Council 574-767-0356
Collins, Michael Superintendent Cemetery 574-936-3410
Culp, Duane Common Council - 1st District Common Council 574-930-6075
Davidson, Donnie Utility Superintendent Wastewater 574-936-3017
DeLee, Steve Officer Police   574-936-2126 x 1229
Derifield, Wally Officer Police   574-936-2126 x 1230
Eads, Timothy A Park Board Vice President Parks & Recreation Board  
Ecker Jr, Don Common Council - 2nd District Common Council 574-952-2509
Emenhiser, Matt Officer Police   574-936-2126 x 1238
Feece, Douglas Plan Commissioner Plan Commission 574-936-9116
Garcia, Chuy Assistant Fire Chief    
Gidley, Mark Board of Zoning Appeals Member      
Gorski, Lynn Clerk-Treasurer Clerk-Treasurer 574-936-2124
Hite, Bridget Corporal/SRO Police   574-936-2126 x 1223
Holm, Steve Fire Chief Fire / EMS 574-936-2156 x 1609
Houin, Jeff City Attorney City Attorney  
Houin, Ken Board of Aviation Commissioner Aviation Commission 574-952-2275
Hupka, Steven Board of Aviation Commissioner Aviation Commission 574-286-9850
Jacobs, Art Board of Zoning Appeals Member      
Jernstrom, Mike Assistant Chief Paramedic    
Kershner, Mike Park Board President Parks & Recreation Board 574-936-3830
King, Marilyn Building Commissioner/Fire Department Assistant Fire / EMS 574-936-2156
Kinney, Chad Firefighter/Paramedic Fire / EMS  
Klingerman, Jennifer Human Resources Manager City Attorney 574-914-0502 x 1114
Staff 1-25 of 60