Request for Information (RFI) – City of Plymouth

Redevelopment Commission

This Request for Information (“RFI”) is made by the Plymouth, Indiana Redevelopment Commission (the “City”). With this RFI, the City solicits information from all qualified respondents who wish to be considered as a provider of the services described herein. Qualified respondents are encouraged and invited to respond to this RFI.


Over the past number of years the City has made significant redevelopment efforts in its central downtown district. In 2012, the City completed the first phase of its South Gateway project. That project, located on the south bank of the Yellow River near the intersections of S. Michigan St. and E. Lake Ave., involved property acquisition, building demolition, river bank and streetscape improvements. In 2014, the City completed construction of its River Park Square project, an urban park facility just across the river from the South Gateway. Future plans include construction of a pedestrian foot bridge connecting the park to the South Gateway. In late 2014, the City acquired the remaining adjacent parcels of land in the South Gateway area, leaving it ready for its own further redevelopment.

Purpose of RFI 

The City seeks information on potential development and/or operational ideas for the South Gateway property. The City believes that private investment in this centrally located site will significantly enhance its ongoing redevelopment efforts in the area. The City is interested in hearing from a broad range of industries and organizations.


•  A GIS map of the site is set forth here South_Gateway_Map.png.

• The City will favor responses that are reflective of the principles of design and use suggested for the area in the City’s Comprehensive Plan set forth here Plymouth_Comprehensive_Plan_PRINT.pdf (See page 116), Andrews University Downtown Plan set forth here Andrews_Study_2004_2.pdf (See pages 31-35), and BDI Downtown Strategic Action Plan set forth here BDI_Downtown_Study_2003.pdf.

• The City will favor proposals that are innovative in the quality and design of the proposed architecture.        

• The City will favor responses that incorporate both a sustainable building design as well as a sustainable project financing and operational model.

Notwithstanding the preferences outlined above, the City does not wish to foreclose any ideas at this point. The City is open to all ideas, so long as they promote the objective of continued redevelopment of the South Gateway area.

Structure of Responses 

Responses to this RFI can take whatever form the respondent sees fit, but should include: a description of the respondent’s background and experience; a detailed written description of the proposed project; drawings or other visual representation of the proposed project; and a cost structure/financing options for the proposed project.

Responses are due no later than Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at 4:30 pm to:

City of Plymouth, c/o Jeanine Xaver, Clerk-Treasurer, 124 N. Michigan St., Plymouth, IN 46563

If you have any questions about this RFI, please contact Sean Surrisi at .

Privilege Clause and Right to Alter

Notwithstanding any other provision in this RFI, the City may elect not to proceed with an RFP or with any transaction contemplated by this RFI.

The City is under no obligation to Respondents. The City may, in its sole discretion, decide not to proceed with any or all of the transactions contemplated herein or may proceed with such transaction or transactions by any other procurement means or delivery mode it may deem fit.

The City further reserves the right to selectively identify, on the basis of demonstrated qualifications and experience, any or all Respondents for participation in any formal RFP that may be issued or direct negotiations that may be entered into in relation to the transactions contemplated by this RFI.

The City reserves the right to alter any of the conditions and criteria outlined in this RFI, including but not limited to the deadline for submissions, by posting addenda on this webpage.