Due to renovations at 124 N Michigan St., the City Office and Mayor's Office will move to 118 N Michigan St. (Old News Agency) effective September 19, 2017 

Police Department

David M. Bacon, Chief of Police
215 W. Washington Street
Plymouth, IN 46563

Phone: (574) 936-2126, Ext. 1203

Email: dbaconppd@plymouthin.com

Records: (574) 936-2126, Ext. 1205

Code Enforcement: (574) 936-2126, Ext. 1240

Police Department
Dave Bacon, Chief Steve DeLee, Officer
Mark Owen, Assistant Chief Wally Derifield, Officer
Leo Mangus, Detective/Sergeant Shanna Gilmer, Officer
Joe Deisch, Sergeant Ryan Richey, Officer
Ray West, Corporal Chris Miller, Officer
Bridget Hite, Corporal/SRO Paul Stamper, Officer
Tim Taberski, Corporal Derek Workman, Officer
Bob DeLee, Officer Ben McIntyre, Officer
Shelley Cleveland, Officer Jeremy Enyart, Officer
John Weir, K9 Officer Matt Emenhiser, Officer
  Stuart Krynock, Officer
  Chad Beatty, Officer


Police Pension Board
Mark Senter Mayor
Jeanine M. Xaver Treasurer
David Bacon Chief of Police
Jeremy Enyart - Secretary 3 year term - expires 2nd Monday, Feb. 2020
Paul Stamper 3 year term - expires 2nd Monday, Feb. 2019
Stuart Krynock 3 year term - expires 2nd Monday, Feb. 2019
Ted Brown - Retiree 3 year term - expires 2nd Monday, Feb. 2019