Due to renovations at 124 N Michigan St., the City Office and Mayor's Office will move to 118 N Michigan St. (Old News Agency) effective September 19, 2017 

Plymouth Municipal Airport

Bill Sheley, Manager

Plymouth Municipal Airport
301 Airport Drive
Plymouth, IN 46563

Phone: (574) 935-5152

Email: airport@plymouthin.com

Fuel Available: 100LL & Jet A  Prices available at: www.airnav.com/airport/C65/A3


 Largest aviation association in the world does article on Plymouth Municipal Airport!

Link to  AOPA.jpg article and video:

   Airport changes course, begins to thrive 

(Plymouth segment starts at 9:52 mark)


Aviation Commission

Phil Bockman, President 4 year - ending 12-31-19
Steve Hupka, Vice President 4 year - ending 12-31-20
Kevin Morrison, Secretrary 4 year - ending 12-31-19
Ken Houin (replaced Tom Flynn) 4 year - ending 12-31-17
Joe Mersch 4 year - ending 12-31-17
Bill Sheley, Airport Manager  
Abby Collins, Recording Secretary