1. Three (3) sets of Drawings, Plans, and Specification submittals shall be made as required by the City.
      1. PRELIMINARY PLANS: These plans shall be submitted to the Department Heads and the City Engineer for review and approval. These submittals shall be revised and resubmitted as necessary to establish compliance with City Standards.
      2. FINAL PLANS: These plans shall be submitted to the Department Heads and the City Engineer prior to the construction of the project after all approvals have been received from the pertinent agency(s).
      3. AS-BUILTS: These plans shall be submitted to the Department Heads and the City Engineer prior to the acceptance of the improvements into the City System. Submissions shall be in the form of three set of plans and on disk in the City's current version of Auto-Cad.
    2. Catalog Cuts shall be submitted with the Preliminary Plans for all products and manufactured elements of the project, to the Department Heads and the City Engineer.
    3. All submittals shall be retained by the City of Plymouth and/or its representatives. If it is desirable for a marked up set of submittals/plans to be returned to the developer and/or his representative; an extra set of submittals/plans must be presented to the City for this function.
    1. Substitutions
      1. These requirements are based on standards of quality established in the City and its Departments. Substitutions for approved materials will be considered only when requested, in writing, prior to the time of construction.
      2. Any request for substitutions after the beginning of construction must exceed the standard set out in the basic City Specifications and Design Standards and the substitutions must be approved by the City Representative. [NOTE: Substitutions of this nature run the risk of not receiving approval, depending on the extent and nature of the substitution.]
    1. Make shop drawings accurately to a scale sufficiently large to show all pertinent aspects of the item.
    2. When submitting catalog cut literature, clearly mark the product submitted for approval. Insure that the manufacturers name, address, and telephone number are included in the submittal.
    3. Submit one copy of the shop drawings and/or the catalog cut literature for each affected Department Head and the City Engineer.
    4. Submit samples, when requested, in the number determined by the City Representative, with one copy to be retained by the City Representative.
    1. The Submittals shall be identified with a numbering system acceptable to the City of Plymouth.
    2. It shall be the responsibility of the Developer to make the submittals in ample time for a decision to be made prior to scheduling of construction or the delivery and installation of the subject material.