Due to renovations at 124 N Michigan St., the City Office and Mayor's Office will move to 118 N Michigan St. (Old News Agency) effective September 19, 2017 

Product Handling


    1. Products scheduled for use in the Work shall be protected from, but not necessarily limited to, weather, vandalism, theft, etc.
    2. Except as otherwise approved by the Engineer, determine and comply with manufacturer's recommendations on product handling, storage, and protection.
    3. Products shall be delivered to the job site in their manufacturer's original container, with labels intact and legible.
      1. Maintain packaged materials with seals unbroken and labels intact until time of use.
      2. Promptly remove damaged material and unsuitable items from the job site, and promptly replace with material meeting the specified requirements.
    4. The City may reject as noncomplying such material and products that do not bear identification satisfactory to the City Representative.
    5. In event of damage, promptly make replacements and repairs to the approval of the City.
    1. Hazardous materials shall be stored according to the manufacturers and OSHA rules and regulations. MSDS Sheets shall be on file.
    2. City Emergency officials shall be notified if hazardous materials are stored at the site. The location, amount, and other stored materials shall be noted and given to these officials.
    3. Hazardous materials shall be safely stored in locked Areas to prevent vandalism and theft.