Field Engineering


    1. Field engineering services shall be provided such as are required for proper completion of the Work including, but not necessarily limited to:
      1. Establishing and maintaining lines and grades;
      2. Structural design of shores, forms, and similar items used during construction.
    2. Field Engineering shall be performed to the precision as set forth in industry standards:
      1. Industry standards affecting the work of this Section include, but are not necessarily limited to, INDOT, IDEM, ISDH, American Water Works Association, National Sanitation Foundation, and City of Plymouth.
      2. Additional requirements for field engineering also may be described in other Sections of these Specifications.
    1. Use adequate numbers of skilled workers who are thoroughly trained and experienced in the necessary trades and who are completely familiar with the specified requirements and the methods needed for proper performance of the work of this Section.
    1. Submittals shall be made according to and comply with the pertinent provisions of Section A.107 - Submittals.
    2. Upon request by the City Representative, additional submittals will be required:
      1. Data demonstrating the qualifications of persons proposed to be engaged for field engineering services.
      2. Documentation verifying accuracy of field engineering work.
      3. Certification that lines and elevations are or are not in conformance with requirements of the City requirements.
      4. Calculations for the drainage layout, etc.
      5. Verification of elevations of pipes, finished grade, etc.
    1. In addition to procedures for proper performance of the Developer's and the Contractor's responsibilities:
      1. Locate and protect control points before starting work on the site.
      2. Preserve permanent reference points during progress of the Work.
      3. Notify the City Representative and all agencies having jurisdiction of any change or relocation of reference points or items of the Work.