1. Excavation, fill, and compaction of the site shall be performed to the elevations shown on the Drawings, and as needed to meet the requirements of the City of Plymouth and INDOT Standard Specifications.
    2. An adequate number of skilled workers who are thoroughly trained and experienced in the necessary trades and who are completely familiar with the specified requirements and the methods needed for proper performance of the work of this Section shall be utilized.
    3. Use equipment adequate in size, capacity, and numbers to accomplish the work of this Section in a timely manner.
    4. The protection of all active utility lines and any additional buried lines or structures is essential. All utility lines must be identified and field verified.
    5. Protection of persons and property:
      1. Barricade open holes and depressions occurring as part of the Work.
      2. Post and operate warning lights during hours from dusk to dawn each day and as otherwise required.
      3. Protect structures, utilities, sidewalks, pavements, and other facilities from damage caused by settlement, lateral movement, washout, and other hazards created by operations.
    6. Keep borrow and fill Areas free from water.
    7. Use means necessary to prevent dust becoming a nuisance to the public, to neighbors, and to other work being performed on or near the site.
    8. Maintain access to adjacent Areas at all times.
    1. Subgrade materials shall be free from organic soils, large rocks, and other deleterious soils. Subgrade materials shall meet INDOT Standard Specifications.
    2. The Base Course material shall be #53 Gravel or #53 Limestone meeting INDOT Standard Specifications.
    1. The subgrade shall be compacted to 95% AASHTO T-99.
    2. The top 6" of subgrade shall receive 6" Special Subgrade Treatment (100% Field Compaction of AASHTO T-99) under all paved and curb areas. Reference: 1) Section 207 of the INDOT Standard Specifications 2) Design Standards for the City of Plymouth.
      1. This may best be accomplished by compacting the subgrade as required, thoroughly scarify the area, bring the material to optimum moisture, and then compact to a smooth, hard, even surface of 100% Standard Proctor (AASHTO T-99) compaction.
    1. The gravel/limestone base shall be compacted to 100% AASHTO T-99.
    2. Provide a minimum compacted thickness of 6".
    3. Provide the lines and grades shown on the Design Standards within a tolerance of 3/8" in ten feet.
      1. Corrections may be made by removing materials, replacing with new materials, and reworking or recompacting as required.
    4. Use only the amount of moisture needed to achieve the specified compaction.
    1. Do not allow or cause any of the work to be covered up or enclosed until after it has been approved by the City Representative.
    2. Testing shall be performed in a manner that evaluates the project as a whole.
      1. Four tests will be taken in the pavement area and two tests will be taken in the curb area for every 1000 linear feet of street.
      2. More tests may be taken to uncover possible soft Areas in the fill.
      3. Tests shall meet the requirements given above for each type of fill.