Curb & Gutter and Sidewalk


    1. Portland cement concrete curb & gutter and sidewalk shall be placed where shown on the Drawings, and as indicated on the City Design Standards and Standard Specifications and INDOT Standard Specifications.
    2. Adequate numbers of skilled workers who are thoroughly trained and experienced in the necessary trades and who are completely familiar with the specified requirements and the methods needed for proper performance of the work of this Section shall be used.
    3. Mix designs shall be submitted for review and approval by the Department Head.
    4. Provide access for, and cooperate with, the City Representative and Tester.
    1. Comply with the following as minimums:
      1. Portland cement: ASTM C150, type I or II, low alkali.
      2. Aggregate, general:
        1. ASTM C30, uniformly graded and clean;
        2. Do not use aggregate known to cause excessive shrinkage.
      3. Aggregate, coarse: Crushed rock or washed gravel with maximum size between 3/4" and 1 1/2", and with minimum size number 4.
      4. Aggregate, fine: Natural washed sand of hard and durable particles varying from fine to particles passing a 3/8" screen, of which at least 12% shall pass a 50-mesh screen.
      5. Water: Clean and potable.
      6. Add mixtures: five percent (5%) to eight percent (8%) air entrained.
      7. Slump shall be equal to or less than four (4) inches.
      8. Compressive strength of 3500 psi at 28 day test.
    2. Use only such additives as are recommended in the mix design and approved by the Engineer and governmental agencies having jurisdiction.
    3. Provide concrete in the proportions established by the mix design, and to the compressive strength of 3500 psi.
    1. Formwork shall be wood or metal. Earth forms will not be permitted for either curb & gutter or sidewalk areas.
    2. Place curb & gutter and sidewalk sections to the grades shown on the drawings within a vertical tolerance of 0.05 feet and as alignment tolerance of 1" at any point.