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    1. Culverts for placement under commercial and residential drives shall be concrete and placed where shown on the drawings, and as indicated on the City Design Standards, and Standard Specifications.
    2. Adequate numbers of skilled workers who are thoroughly trained and experienced in the necessary trades and who are completely familiar with the specified requirements and the methods needed for proper performance of the work of this Section shall be used.
    3. The sizing of culverts will be the responsibility of the owner. The authorized representative of the sewer board will verify the size of culvert on the drawings.
    1. Culverts shall comply with appropriate sections of WW.715, 2, E. (concrete pipe).
    2. Minimum size shall be 12" nominal diameter.
    3. Backfill requirements shall comply with appropriate sections of G. 211.
    1. Markers, lights, barricades, etc. needed for the protection of the public and for the protection of the work site shall be the responsibility of the contractor.
    2. Culverts shall be laid with uniform slope, conforming to the swale grades.
    3. Bedding and backfill of excavated trenches for culvert placement shall be in conformance with Section G. 211 of these Specifications.
    4. Existing drainage will not be restricted or hindered in anyway by the placement of culverts.