City Requirements


    1. In order to maintain a high quality infrastructure, the City of Plymouth has developed a set of Standard Specifications and Design Standards. These are expected to be minimum standards and are applicable to all projects which the City will be receiving as part of the public domain.
    2. The City may, periodically, inspect or test any construction project or phase of a project that is to be accepted into the public domain. These inspections and tests may be charged to the Developer or Contractor.
    3. Prior to acceptance of any project or part of a project into the public domain the following items must be accomplished:
      1. Submittal of all project drawings, plans, specifications, product information, "as-builts", certifications, etc.
      2. Written acceptance of a project or phase of a project by the Department Head receiving maintenance/service responsibility.
      3. Acceptance of a project or phase of a project by the respective City Board at a public meeting.
    4. The City may reject any non-complying project or phase of a project that does not meet City requirements.
      1. In event of the rejection, the Developer or Contractor must promptly make replacements and/or repairs to the approval of the City.
      2. If these replacements and/or repairs are not performed the City may:
        1. Perform the needed replacements and/or repairs and charge the developer, or
        2. Cease maintenance and/or service to the accepted portions of the project.
    5. It shall be the responsibility of the Developer to hire a Design Professional for design/consultation on the Project. Department Heads shall not provide design services in lieu of a Professional Consultant.
    6. All Plans must be sealed by an Engineer Registered in the State of Indiana.
    1. Below is a list of terms and their definitions:

      City The City of Plymouth
      City Engineer The Registered Professional Engineer serving the City by providing engineering services.
      City Representative The City Engineer, a Department Head, or an individual(s) designated by the City Engineer or by one of the Department Heads to represent the City during all or part of a project. Normally, an individual from one of the departments or from the City Engineer's office.
      Contractor The individual(s) or group(s) performing the construction on the project.
      Department The following are the departments within the City: Street Department, Wastewater & Sewer Department, and Water Department.
      Department Head The individual serving the City as Supervisor of his/her Department.
      Developer The individual or group developing the land.
      Inspection The visual observation of the project. This work includes, but is not limited to, observing work procedures, evaluating the work product, checking field notes, evaluating material, running lines & levels, sampling, etc.
      Inspector The individual who performs the task of inspection on the project. It may be a City Representative or an individual or firm hired by the City who reports to the City Representative.
      Subcontractor The individual(s) or group(s) performing a portion of the construction under the supervision of the Contractor.
      Testing The City may test or have testing performed on the various phases of the project. Testing will be performed on a periodic basis, however testing may be requested by the City Representative at other times to insure a quality product.
    1. Drawings, plans, & specifications shall be submitted for all aspects of the construction project. Drawings, Plans, Specifications shall include but are not limited to:
      1. Street Layout & Design
      2. Street Lighting Layout & Design
      3. Street Signage
      4. Sanitary Sewer Line Layout & Design
      5. Sanitary Sewer Line Plan/Profile
      6. Storm Sewer Line Layout & Design
      7. Storm Sewer Line Plan/Profile
      8. Water Line Layout & Design
      9. Water Line Plan/Profile

      The Layout & Design drawing shall be a small scale drawing identifying location of critical items. This drawing shall be for an overview of the entire project and not intended for detailed construction purposes.

      See Section A.107 for Submittal information.
    Developer The Developer shall provide the City with a quality infrastructure, built to or exceeding City Specifications and Design Standards. They shall be required to obtain all permits and approvals, submit all plans, specifications and product information to the appropriate department. The Developer shall be responsible for the costs of utility relocations unless other arrangements have been made.
    Contractor The Contractor shall provide quality materials, experienced workman, and competent supervision in the construction of the project and shall comply with all IOSHA requirements. The Contractor shall be responsible for Subcontractors.
    Financial Guaranty The developer shall submit to the City of Plymouth a financial guaranty equal to 100% of the project. Drafts may be made by the City, up to 10%, for testing and inspection services.
    Utilities The developer, shall be responsible for obtaining the approvals for the various utilities such as cable TV, gas, electric, and coordinating the installation of same.
    City Engineer The City Engineer will be responsible for engineering assessment and assisting the various departments as necessary and as requested by the Department Head.
    Street Department The Street Department will be responsible for the streets, street lighting, signage and all portions of the project pertaining to these items.
    & Sewer Department
    The Wastewater & Sewer Department will be responsible for the sanitary sewer, storm sewer, drainage, and all portions of the project pertaining to these items.
    Water Department The Water Department will be responsible for the water distribution system and all portions of the project pertaining to this system.